Build the Buzz

Arnia has joined forces with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to launch a national scientific project to help improve the health and welfare of our honeybees. Called Build the Buzz the project will use hive monitoring technology to track the progress of 1000s of honeybee colonies across the UK. The monitors can even interpret the sound of the bees to assess colony behaviour and health. We really can listen to bees! The more hives we monitor the bigger the buzz! 

Scientists and governments worldwide are unanimous that more field data is required to better understand and address the complex issues impacting bee health. Remote monitoring technology provides the solution, enabling the collection of data on an unprecedented scale from thousands of beehives. The data generated through Build the Buzz will be used by bee scientists to evaluate the status and dynamics our honey bee population, informing us of the positive changes we can make to our environment and practices to improve honey bee welfare.

We want to use the power of the internet and the concern of the British people to mobilize a bee monitoring project at a size that even a few years ago would have been impossible to contemplate. The technology is available and the beekeeping community is ready and waiting to deploy it. Our bee scientist partners are crying out for the data that the hive monitors can provide now.

We need your help to make this exciting project a success.  Contributors to the project will be part of a community helping our honey bees to thrive. You will also have the opportunity to see, hear and follow the life of real honey bee colonies over the Internet and gain a unique insight into the lives of these fascinating insects.  Help us to create a thriving healthy honey bee population by listening to bees and help Build the Buzz!  To find out more go to or  email