Frequently Asked Questions :

Q.     Is a power supply needed in the apiary?
A.     No, the Hive Monitors and Monitor Gateway are battery powered.

Q.     What batteries are required?
A.     The Hive monitor uses 4 x AAA batteries. The Monitor Gateway uses 4 x D Cell batteries. The equipment is supplied with batteries installed.

Q.     How long is battery life?
A.     The Hive Monitor batteries will last  approximately 3 – 4  months and the Monitor Gateway batteries about 6 months.Battery power status for the Hive Monitor and Monitor Gateway is displayed on the system.

Q.     How big is the hive monitor?
A.     The hive monitor is a small flat rectangular black box 15cm long x 6 cm wide x 1.5cm deep

Q.     Where is the Hive Monitor positioned?
A.     There are 3 alternative positions for the hive monitor:-

  • Just inside the hive entrance on the hive floor below the brood frames
  • Attached to a dummy board
  • Attached to the outside of the hive just above the entrance

Fitting instructions are supplied with the system.

Q.     Will the Hive Monitors work with any type of hive?
A.     Yes, the hive monitors can be fitted to National, WBC and Top Bar hives. They also work with wooden, plastic and polystyrene hives.

Q.     Where is the Monitor Gateway positioned?
A.     The Monitor Gateway can be placed up to 30 metres away from the hives but we would recommend within 10-15 metres as optimal as this conserves battery life when communicating between units.

Q.     Are the monitors affected by pylons or radio masts?
A.     These have no effect as our monitors operate on a different frequency.

Q.     Do I need to have WiFi coverage in the apiary?
A.     No, the Monitor Gateway has its own transmission capability. It uses the standard 2G mobile network (GPRS).

Q.     Will I need mobile phone coverage at the apiary?
A.     Yes, you will need 2G network coverage at the apiary. However it is not necessary to have 3G coverage. In areas of weak 2G coverage it is possible to add an antenna to the Monitor Gateway to boost the signal.

 Q.     Which operating system does the system use?  
A.     The system is independent of operating system/hardware. It works in any web browser on any internet enabled device. No special software is required. It can be used with a PC or Mac Computer, iPhone or Android phone, iPad or tablet.

Q.     What maintenance is required?
A.     The units are very low maintenance. The batteries will need changing every 3 -6 months. The hive monitor may need occasional cleaning of propolis. Also if you have the Beekeeper Pro system fitted with a humidity sensor then this will also need cleaning to keep it clear from propolis.

If you have any questions please contact us at We will continue to update our FAQ section.