Check the status of your hives on any internet enabled device 

Arnia hive monitors enable you to receive vital information about your honey bee colonies, such as brood temperature, hive humidity, bee activity (foraging/flying/ fanning) and hive weight. Our monitors provide a unique insight into hive conditions and bee behaviour which will help you to maintain strong, healthy and productive colonies. Key benefits include:

Arnia Bee Monitoring Interface

  • Theft alert: Automatic email/SMS alert if a hive is picked up and moved.
  • Hive knocked over: Email/SMS alert if a hive is knocked over enabling you to take immediate action and save the colony.
  • Hive Humidity: Monitor humidity levels throughout the year. Identify if a hive becomes too humid and needs ventilating.
  • Colony development: Track spring build up and colony development. Compare build-up between different colonies.
  • Hive activity/foraging: Monitor hive activity and identify weak/low levels of activity and foraging. Compare hives; identify which colonies get going first/last in the morning .
  • Queen mating: Identify when a virgin queen has started laying without having to open the hive.
  • Queen status: Identify when the queen has stopped laying and the colony has become broodless.
  • Swarm management: Identify changes in conditions and behaviour that indicate a potential swarm.
  • Winter monitoring: Remotely monitor hive temperature and hive humidity throughout the winter. Identify winter flying and colony strength.
  • Hive weight: Map the nectar flow, receive email alerts when the supers are full or winter store levels are low. Arnia Hive Scales are required to monitor weight. See our hive scales page for more information. 
  • Apiary Weather conditions: Track rainfall, temperature in the sun and shade at the apiary. Directly compare weather data with bee activity and other readings from the hive monitors. The Arnia weather station is required to obtain additional weather data.

The data is presented with clear, easy to read graphics. Access to current and historical values enables you to generate graphs for selected periods thus allowing trend observation and comparative analysis of data within a colony as well as between different colonies.  Watch the demonstration videos of our user interface below.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a data sheet and full price list.

Video 1: Features and benefits of using Arnia’s hive monitoring system.

How Arnias hive monitoring system can help a beekeeper monitor: theft and vandalism, hive humidity, foraging, nectar processing, colony development, brood status, identify when a queen starts/stops laying, bees robbing, swarm management, apiary weather conditions and winter monitoring. The user interface can be viewed from any internet enabled device.

Video 2: Monitoring brood temperature using Arnia’s bee hive monitoring system

How monitoring the brood temperature in your honey bee hive can alert you  when your bees become broodless or when a virgin queen starts laying.

Video 3: SMS and email alerts overview 

SMS and/or email alerts to inform beekeepers of theft, hive too humid, broodless, queen started laying, need to add super, honey super full, start and end of nectar flow, extreme weather conditions at apiary

Bee hive monitoring is in its infancy; however as the base of monitor users grows and the volume of data increases so will our ability to identify new bee health and behaviour indicators.  By monitoring your hives, not only will you gain a completely new insight into status of your colonies, you will also benefit from the collective growth in knowledge over time:-

  • Receive free software upgrades and new monitoring features as the data base grows and develops.
  • Participate in a forum with other beekeepers that are monitoring their hives, exchanging experiences, sharing data and hints and tips on how to get the best from your monitors.
  • Input directly into the pooled knowledge base that could help improve the health and well-being of honey bees.


What our customers say

Since installing the monitors I have not been disappointed. The monitors do what they say on the tin. It is very comforting to simply check on the bees well-being by logging in. The amount of data the monitors produce is amazing and I am looking forward to comparing the data year on year to monitor tends in behaviour. Dealing with Arnia has also been a joy. They have given me superb customer service, advice and knowledge. Arnia are all about the Bees welfare and there product and ethos strongly reflects this.
Nigel Sweeney, Bishop Stortford Beekeepers Association


I had a colony with a failing queen and very little brood. I removed the queen and introduced a new mated queen. After three days the brood temperature started to rise and after 6 was back up to just below 35C. Without disturbing the bees I was  able to tell that the new queen had been accepted and was laying.
Mary Hill, Beekeeper


The Arnia system allows easy monitoring of your hives, it can give you an idea of what the bees are doing and when. It does not obviate the need for inspections, but reduces the frequency of necessary disturbance of the hive
John Cooper, Beekeeper


 As a local bee association we are still looking at the best ways to make use of the large amount of Information generated by these monitors. They are a very useful tool for keeping track of temperature and activity in the hives for our swarm control and our queen rearing programs.  In these days of hive rustling the theft email warning is very reassuring.  This new technology and still being developed and improved which makes the personal availability of the Arnia team invaluable.
Beekeeper, Newbattle Beekeepers Association